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A Better Home Is Just Over the Horizon

How would you like to eliminate your electricity bills while also helping the environment? Seems like a no-brainer. Outfitting your house with a modern solar energy system is a safe, reliable investment in your home’s – and your community’s – future.

A Better Home is Northern Colorado and Wyoming’s premier solar system design and installation service. We’ll work with you to build the solar system of your dreams, saving you money in the long run and increasing your home’s value. We perform a comprehensive energy audit to determine your current electricity needs, as well as your home’s solar coverage. We’ll then use this data to design a custom solar system with as minimal a footprint as possible.

We are currently in the early stages of opening up a solar panel manufacturing facility right here in Northern Colorado. Far from being anti-fossil fuel, we believe existing fuel technologies can work in tandem with alternative energy systems. As fossil fuels begin to be phased out, our goal is to work with fossil fuel employees to create new opportunities and comparable jobs.

If you’re considering investing in a solar system, you can use Google’s Project Sunroof to determine how much sun your home receives.

Benefits of Solar Panel Systems

There are a ton of benefits to connecting your home to a custom solar system. Interested homeowners should be aware of the federal tax credit available to owners of solar panels. Systems installed before 2022 are eligible for a tax credit equivalent to 26% of the system cost. Starting in 2023, the credit will decrease slightly to 22%, but still – what a deal! A quarter of the cost of your solar system is covered by Uncle Sam. Colorado residents can also take advantage of rebates like Xcel Energy’s Solar Renewable Energy Credits, where they pay you for any extra power you generate using your home’s solar energy system.